Dowsing, also known as divining or water witching, is an ancient and controversial practice used to locate underground water sources, minerals, artifacts, and other hidden objects.

It involves the use of dowsing tools, such as a Y-shaped rod (commonly known as a dowsing rod or divining rod) or a pendulum, to detect subtle energies or vibrations emanating from the target object or substance. Despite skepticism from the scientific community, dowsing has been practiced for centuries and continues to be utilized by some individuals and groups for various purposes.

TThe origins of dowsing are uncertain, but it has been documented in different cultures throughout history. Some records suggest that dowsing dates back thousands of years, with ancient civilizations in China, Egypt, and Europe using similar methods to locate water sources for agricultural and survival purposes. Over time, dowsing evolved and spread across the world, adapting to various cultural beliefs and practices.

The dowsing process typically involves a dowser holding a dowsing rod or pendulum while walking slowly over the designated area. As the dowser moves, they remain focused and open-minded, allowing their intuition or subconscious mind to guide them. When the dowsing tool encounters a target object or substance, it is believed to react by moving, shaking, or rotating in the dowser's hands.

Critics argue that dowsing has no scientific basis and attribute any successes to chance, subjective bias, or the ideomotor effect—an unconscious muscle movement caused by the dowser's expectations. Skeptics point out that controlled scientific experiments have consistently failed to provide evidence of dowsing's efficacy, often showing no correlation between the dowsing results and the actual presence of the target object.

AHowever, proponents of dowsing maintain that it is a valid and practical technique. They argue that dowsing taps into subtle energy fields or vibrations that are not easily detectable by conventional scientific instruments. Some dowsers claim that it is a skill that can be developed and refined, and they point to numerous anecdotal accounts of successful dowsing experiences..