Reiki Healing


In terms of energy healing, reiki is a complimentary therapy. Its proponents claim that the customer receives universal energy through the healer's palms.

Reiki" is a Japanese term that signifies "mysterious environment, miraculous indication." Both "rei," which means universal, and "ki," which means life energy, are Japanese words.A form of energy healing is reiki. Healer's assert that areas of the body where there has been a physical damage or even emotional suffering can become stagnant. These energy obstacles may eventually result in sickness.

Similar to acupuncture or acupressure, energy treatment tries to promote the passage of energy and remove obstacles. Reiki practitioners think that enhancing the body's ability to move energy might help people relax, get pain relief, heal more quickly, and lessen other symptoms of sickness.

An energy transfer occurs when the healer's places their hands lightly on or over the body. The practitioner may mention that their hands are warm or tingly at this point. Until they feel the energy has ceased flowing, they will maintain each hand posture.

The practitioner will take off their hands and place them over a different part of the body when they no longer feel any heat or energy in them.

The procedures used in Reiki include centering, clearing beams, withdrawing toxic energies, infusing smoothing and raking the aura, among others.

To facilitate healing or shield a home from harmful energy, some Reiki practitioners utilize crystals and chakra healing wands.